Bob Fisher. Photographer. Traveler.

Multimedia producer and President of Pacific Multimedia Corp. Bob Fisher, has a lifetime of experience in all forms of media. Music, video, radio, photography, dance, web services, graphic design, and writing, based in Hollywood and executed throughout the world.

As a photographer he has travelled the world shooting his passions of landscape and combat sports, from Europe across America and to Asia. Whether it's entertainment industry portrait photography in Hollywood, or Muay Thai Kickboxing in Bangkok Thailand, his life's work has become an impressive portfolio of cultures, crafts, wildlife and exotic locations.

"In my early days, as a teenager, I started shooting landscape and school events, logging plenty of darkroom time honing my processing skills and developing my eye. In the '90's I started focusing on developing studio lighting skills, and doing creative work, and portfolio development on studio sets."

"… to this day, my great photographic loves are travel, landscape, dance, music and wildlife. I'm always up for portraits and headshots, but I'm always working on the next exotic locale…"

As a musician, recording artist and record producer, Bob Fisher has over 2500 CD credits to his name, and is a 6-Time Grammy Nominee in a music and recoding career spanning 40 years. He has been a photographer since 1972, and has been the president of Pacific Multimedia Corp. since 1991.

Willing to travel anywhere on earth to get compelling photos, Bob Fisher is available to shoot for your print, promotional, organization, promotional, and social networking needs.